Blessed are the Peacemakers – Pastor’s Note

Sometimes my mind is writing this article while I am driving my car. This is a wonderful and creative experience but frustrating because I do not have the tools at hand to capture my thoughts. You may think I could conjure those words again with pen in hand. But this, I find, is not so. When I was a teenager, I would get up out of bed and write down what I was creating so that I wouldn’t lose it in the morning.
biblePastor Mike spoke on “peacemakers” and my thoughts immediately went to God’s Word. Anyone who spends time studying and reading the Bible knows exactly what peace feels like. To completely immerse one’s self into the writings inspired by our Lord and learn to understand by studying the messages there for us is euphoric. I have heard that physical exercise can give you this feeling but for me, nothing brings me peace more than “being in the Word”.
Can we be peacemakers? We certainly can contribute and communicate peace in our family, church and wherever we may be. Please read the words, study their message and feel the peace that waits for all who are in God’s Holy Word.
Rev Gina Tuch

Pastor’s Notes – June 12, 2017

old carCadillac, MI has an annual event called Back to the Bricks. It’s a car show that closes a two to three block portion of Mitchell Street over a weekend in June. People flock to see the cars and talk to the other automobile enthusiasts. 

Pastor Mike’s sermon yesterday was The Potter and the Clay part 2.   Last Sunday God sent Jeremiah down to the potter’s barn to learn a lesson or two. Jeremiah is called “the weeping prophet” and I can identify with him and brother Job. Both men were faithful, loved God but became discouraged by what they were experiencing. How human is that!  We’ve all been there, done that at times, right?  I know I have.  


Our congregation on Sunday morning can’t hold a candle to the crowd attending Back to the Bricks!  We offer prayer, singing, message, fellowship to all……for an hour on Sunday morning. You can join in and come back on Wednesday evenings to learn more about the Tribulation. You can make great friends, learn about God’s Holy Word, wonderful Christian fellowship and be a part of community missions.   This could take two to three hours per week…..not two full days


As in a car show, shall we say.  


Back to the Potter (God) and the clay (us).   Pastor Mike sang one verse of “Have Thine Own Way Lord. Have thine own way. You are the Potter, I am the clay. Mold me and make me after thy will. While I am waiting; Yielded and still.”  Bricks are made of clay. God has a purpose for each of us. If we want to fulfill that purpose we have to be in harmony with God and spend time reading His Word. Just think….He gave His Word to us!  He speaks to us through the Bible. We can conquer and overcome anything….confusion, tragedy, pain, loneliness, depression…anything if we abide with and in Him.




Pastor’s Notes – Mother’s Day

Ahhh Mother’s Day…..celebrated one Sunday a year commercially and every day of the year in our hearts. Pastor Mike ‘s message was titled “A Tribute to Mothers”. I probably can’t tell you one thing you don’t already know about Moms. 

I can remember a Mother’s Day our minister asked all mothers to stand  I was an expectant mother then and when I started to get up, my mom pulled me down with a comment that I wasn’t a mother yet. 
Now I am faced with Mother’ Day being of mixed emotions due to both of my children having passed on. I do not feel like a mother anymore, but I have four glorious grandchildren because I was a mother. Whether it’s before they are born or after they die, we are the vessel chosen by God.  He breathes life into His creation. We take that baby, help nourish him or her, and care for this wonderful gift. 
The most important and crucial blessing a mother can give her children is a Christian home and a love and respect for the Holy Word. 
Pastor Gina


Pastor’s Notes – May 11, 2017

This past Sunday Pastor Mike presented part two of his four-part “Atonement In the Blood” series.  A member of our congregation, Gary, read the scripture and when he finished he turned to Pastor and said “I’d like to say something”   Pastor Mike encouraged him to do so.

Gary said on May 7th some years earlier his wife, Merry, lay in the hospital having had a major stroke. The doctors said she would be a vegetable, suggesting life as she had known it was at an end. Gary being a believer was not ready to give up and spent many hours in prayer. Across the hall was a patient whose husband was a minister and joined Gary and the family in asking for the blood of Jesus to wash over Merry.

The next morning the doctors were amazed at the major improvement in Gary’s wife. The Spirit of God could be felt in that hospital room. The Blood of our Lord saved Merry and is there to save us all.

Pastor Mike tied Gary’s testimony into his message with this memory. When he was pastoring in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, there were two brothers who worked for the highway department. On this certain day one brother woke up ill and couldn’t go in to work. His brother volunteered to work in his place.  That day a part of the mountain tumbled down on the highway and seven men – including the other brother – lost their life.

We never know when our time will come. The longer I live the more of my family and friends pass on, most of them suddenly. Thank you Heavenly Father for the cleansing Blood of your Son Jesus.  May it wash away my sins and make me “white as snow”.

Pastor Gina Tuch

May 11, 2017

Pastor Notes – April 30, 2017

Pastor Mike is preaching a four-part series on Atonement in the Blood. This past Sunday was part I.

The dictionary defines “atonement” as an act of asking forgiveness for wrong doing, sin, to have harmony with our Creator Father God.

The Blood of Christ Jesus is our absolution when we confess our sins and ask for forgiveness. We are sinners and Christ walked on this earth as a man who felt the temptations and emotions we experience in this life. He loved, He wept, He was angered, disappointed and weary.  He shed His blood for the forgiveness of our sins so we can be in harmony with God.  This ended the Old Testament Law of Sacrifices.  Pastor Mike often says ‘man is the only creation not in harmony with God’.   But we can be in harmony through Atonement in His Blood.

Remember the hymns such as “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus“?  How about “Power in the Blood“?  The greatest gift we will ever receive is the Atonement through Jesus’ Blood; ours for the asking and confession… Lord forgive me (the asking) for I have sinned (the confession).

PS: Women’s Bible Study meets at 10:00 a.m. , Thursdays in the lounge. Kay Belkowski greets each person and gently welcomes them to share what’s on their heart. Then about 10:30 it is communication with God.  Speaking and Listening – just in case anyone thinks speaking alone is communication, listening is the other important half. It goes like this: Message – expression of that message – awareness and understanding of the receiver – interpretation of that message – feedback = communication.

The last half hour is spent on our studies, currently The Names of God..  please come and join us for fellowship with women at 10:00 a.m. Thursdays in the church lounge.