Pastor’s Notes – Memorial Day

The celebration of Memorial Day is happy, humbling and sad.  To many people it signifies the beginning of summer, warmer weather, picnics, camping.  Pastor Mike’s sermon title Memorial Sunday is “Glorious Old Soldiers Never Die”.  They live in our memory-hence Memorial Day. military

Many men and women who have joined the military are extraordinary.  Many have advanced education, superior skills, speak many languages.  Many who join are perhaps motivated by other circumstances.  This includes basic training, adjusting to following orders, marching in order, and showing respect to those who are giving orders. All of these and more are what each new recruit has to face.  

Once adjusted to this new way of life, they all rise to “extraordinary”.   People who are willing to give their lives for us are heroes. By placing themselves in jeopardy and fulfilling any mission, they certainly deserve our respect and our prayers.  Firefighters, police, all first responders are heroes. But so are those who are on the front line in Christ’s army; i.e. the true church and those who “make it all happen.” Is one sitting on the side lines or in the front lines is the real question. 

Only one gave it all. Only Jesus died for all sinners for all time.  No matter what man-made holiday we celebrate, let us never lose sight of our Redeemer and our Savior.  We have unlimited capacity to praise and worship our Lord.  It is, after all, the reason we were created.