Out of Egypt

(Pastor’s Notes: Matthew 2:13-15 and Hosea 11:1)

The first in a series of three or four messages. We don’t consciously recognize what coming “out of Egypt” really means.  In a very real sense, the Old Testament histories of Israel and Egypt compare to the New Testament where we are told in Romans 12 to “come out of this world” and not be conformed to it.

We are born into this world (analogous to Egypt) and can opt to remain in it, but Jesus wants to offer a way out of it through him. We have three points upon which to build our thoughts…

  1. The Natural Seed of Israel    ___________________________
  2. The Divine Seed ___________________________
  3. The Chosen Seed ___________________________

Joseph was forced as a servant to go into Egypt in order to eventually save the world from a famine that would some time later in his life bring it to its knees. Joseph was in Egypt but not Of Egypt. He provided a way of survival and instructed his brethren to take his bones out of Egypt when the Children of Israel eventually escaped it.

cross-.jpgJesus came into this world but was not a part of it. He did not remain in this world (Egypt) but ascended to heaven. One day he will return as the King of kings in this world but at Calvary provided a way out of Egypt.”

Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit provide the final solution but not the one we know from WWII. Another wonderful thing that came out of Egypt is the Bible O.T. written or translated to Greek by order of Ptolemy but through the hands of Israeli Scribes/priests.

Without the Old Testament, there would be no New Testament.