Pastor’s Notes – April 23rd

This past Sunday, April 23, our church had the Patriot Choir as guests.  What a remarkable spirit and joyous singing!  They were wearing red, white and blue and their devotion to God and country touched our hearts.

I can’t help remembering and sorely missing the America of my youth. We were all patriots!  We put God and country first. There was no flag burning, tearing and stomping the flag in those times. First thing on school mornings was the Pledge of Allegiance with our right hand over our heart and our eyes on the American flag.

Loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, obedience, devotion…..words explaining “allegiance”.  These words also are key to worship and praising our Savior Jesus Christ and God.   May we go forth singing with the Patriots.

Pastor Tuch


Pastor Mike