Pastor’s Notes – Mother’s Day

Ahhh Mother’s Day…..celebrated one Sunday a year commercially and every day of the year in our hearts. Pastor Mike ‘s message was titled “A Tribute to Mothers”. I probably can’t tell you one thing you don’t already know about Moms. 

I can remember a Mother’s Day our minister asked all mothers to stand  I was an expectant mother then and when I started to get up, my mom pulled me down with a comment that I wasn’t a mother yet. 
Now I am faced with Mother’ Day being of mixed emotions due to both of my children having passed on. I do not feel like a mother anymore, but I have four glorious grandchildren because I was a mother. Whether it’s before they are born or after they die, we are the vessel chosen by God.  He breathes life into His creation. We take that baby, help nourish him or her, and care for this wonderful gift. 
The most important and crucial blessing a mother can give her children is a Christian home and a love and respect for the Holy Word. 
Pastor Gina