Final Beatitude -Pastor’s Note

Matthew 5:10 is the eighth and final beatitude. “Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake, for great is your reward in heaven.” [KJV]

Pastor Mike asked the congregation “Do you feel persecuted?”  Don’t we all at times?  But this verse is speaking about being maligned for Jesus’ sake.   Can you withstand torment for Jesus?  Can you remain faithful and stay the Christian course?

vandalism-There are martyrs who give their lives for their faith. We hear of students in the Mideast who are killed for saying they are Christians. In the years of old many men of faith died horribly and painfully. Could we?  I want to say yes. In the days ahead I feel we will be tested to limits unknown to us thus far.

“Thank you my Lord and Father for your love and faithfulness. May we put on the armor of God as we go forward.”

Rev. Gina Tuch (10-2017)

PS: (JIV) Persecution can come in many forms. It isn’t always the gallows or the end of a sword.

In this Matthew passage the Greek is diōkō. It can mean “to be forced to flee, suffer, be chased or pursued.” In a real sense it is like living a life under the thumb of a bully; always keeping an eye open for the next guaranteed encounter. This becomes clearer when one reads the next verse (5:11)…”to be reviled or disdained of men.”


Blessed are the Peacemakers – Pastor’s Note

Sometimes my mind is writing this article while I am driving my car. This is a wonderful and creative experience but frustrating because I do not have the tools at hand to capture my thoughts. You may think I could conjure those words again with pen in hand. But this, I find, is not so. When I was a teenager, I would get up out of bed and write down what I was creating so that I wouldn’t lose it in the morning.
biblePastor Mike spoke on “peacemakers” and my thoughts immediately went to God’s Word. Anyone who spends time studying and reading the Bible knows exactly what peace feels like. To completely immerse one’s self into the writings inspired by our Lord and learn to understand by studying the messages there for us is euphoric. I have heard that physical exercise can give you this feeling but for me, nothing brings me peace more than “being in the Word”.
Can we be peacemakers? We certainly can contribute and communicate peace in our family, church and wherever we may be. Please read the words, study their message and feel the peace that waits for all who are in God’s Holy Word.
Rev Gina Tuch

Blessed are the Merciful

Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy Matthew 5:7.
So many people in the world today need mercy.  Even without the ravages of weather and rumors of war, sickness, addiction, emotional and mental illness, we still must fight Satan every minute of every day!

Our Lord and Savior was merciful to all.  He was not treated with mercy by the world.  He loved us in spite of our sinful nature.  His love is what we need to Live.  His love is the blood flowing through our veins.  Compassion, gentleness, caring, concern, thy name is Jesus.

I believe we all need to pray for this world right now.  We may think we know all that is going on, but we certainly do not!  We are on thin ice in this life.  Be ready to meet the most merciful God.

Rev Gina Tuch
Cadillac Community Church
and Bible School


Seek Truth – Pastor’s Note

Pastor Mike spoke from Matthew 5:6 last week. It is the fourth beatitude, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.qqqaqqa

Experience versus relationship; hic-ups in the gospel; the door that only swings from the inside hinge and door knob. This and more he brought into perspective regarding the fourth beatitude from Matthew 5. Keep in mind that Matthew was originally written in Hebrew; i.e. Hebrew people; a people who constantly seek but seem to not ever find fulfillment.



This beatitude references people who are actively seeking the truth. S/he has no desire to expend time counter-attacking others who come from an attitude or opinion. These people have no time or desire to waste on verbal rhetoric debating opinions or perspectives. The world to them is incidental. It is where s/he is at this moment but they seek the after-life and can only quench thirst or hunger with something other than a temporary filling of desire, but seek to fulfill their desire with completeness.

Gill’s commentary puts it: ”Those who actively seek spiritual enlightenment.” Jesus puts it in another light; a well of living waters that satisfy for eternity, never to thirst (hunger) again. Pastor likened this to a door with inside hinges and inside doorknob. These people types will open their hearts to truth; not banter. Hunger in the Greek is peinaō; to be famished or better said, to be head-filled but not heart-fulfilled (Wycliffe). “for ye shall be filled” (chortazō) meaning they will be filled with more than needed to be totally satisfied; the seemingly impossible is made possible.

Other good references to this beatitude can be found in Luke 1:53; 1 Corinthians 4:11; Revelation 7:16.

Next week when pastor returns: Blessed are those who weep today, for they shall laugh (then).

Dr. JStark

The Beatitudes – Part 3 – Pastor’s Notes

Blessed Are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5.

Pastor Mike made it very clear that “meek” isn’t “weak”…a very important distinction. In the Hebrew meek means limited. This fits well with the context of the beatitudes. In this case, the meek are the ones who are what once was called in America, “the silent majority.” Their worship is truly of the heart and understands what it means to humble one’s self before the Lord. The meek are those who fully realize the difference between the created (servant) and the creator (God).

In today’s world we are aware of physical strength being sought. We may think the quiet, introspected individuals are afraid to speak. By examining ourselves and our faith and putting into action what our faith means to us is not an act of a fearful person.

I am reminded of the well-known term “Know thyself” A person who knows and loves themselves is in a place of power. Christ asked us to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. A Christian heart and mind can certainly be meek and strong and glorify our Father God.

God sees

After all, it is our inner being that the Lord sees and knows. We can hide much from the world but His eyes see all that we think, say and feel. He knows our intent. Let us be humble, meek and prayerful.

Rev. Gina Tuch