The Beatitudes – Part 3 – Pastor’s Notes

Blessed Are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5.

Pastor Mike made it very clear that “meek” isn’t “weak”…a very important distinction. In the Hebrew meek means limited. This fits well with the context of the beatitudes. In this case, the meek are the ones who are what once was called in America, “the silent majority.” Their worship is truly of the heart and understands what it means to humble one’s self before the Lord. The meek are those who fully realize the difference between the created (servant) and the creator (God).

In today’s world we are aware of physical strength being sought. We may think the quiet, introspected individuals are afraid to speak. By examining ourselves and our faith and putting into action what our faith means to us is not an act of a fearful person.

I am reminded of the well-known term “Know thyself” A person who knows and loves themselves is in a place of power. Christ asked us to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. A Christian heart and mind can certainly be meek and strong and glorify our Father God.

God sees

After all, it is our inner being that the Lord sees and knows. We can hide much from the world but His eyes see all that we think, say and feel. He knows our intent. Let us be humble, meek and prayerful.

Rev. Gina Tuch


The Beatitudes Part 2 – Pastor’s Notes

bible classYou know the more I learn about the Bible, the more I realize how little I really know. That is difficult to admit and it hurts my heart. We have to read more deeply and study harder and devote our hearts and minds to God’s Word to be aware of what is being conveyed to us. We cannot simply read verses and go on thinking you “get it”.  We don’t “have it” without delving into the words and their original meaning.

Now I do not know Hebrew or Greek. I wish I did because the English translation often does not correctly define the original meaning.  At our church and Bible School we are so fortunate to have Dr. Jim Stark, who DOES know Hebrew and Greek and does teach us what a particular verse really means. As he puts it, English is a rather barbaric language in comparison. It often has a correct word to translate either the Greek New Testament or the Hebrew/Aramaic Old Testament but it is not one that conveys the real intent of the Bible author.

My point is Pastor Mike’s message on the Beatitudes (Blessed). He began this study last Sunday. Yesterday he spoke on Matthew 5:4; “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted”.

Now I always thought that meant people who are broken-hearted and grieving will find their happiness in heaven. In actuality (hoi penthountes) this verse is referring to those who mourn for the lost per salvation; i.e. a heart for evangelism is the short of it. The loss of loved ones in one thing, but the loss of an unsaved loved one is even worse. “Blessed are they that mourn” for those who are lost and still have opportunity for redemption.

After studying and really looking into this verse, I now think the “mourning” or grieving is much more than our earthly losses and poor-me attitude. We know the Holy Spirit is called The Comforter. As a Christian, we need to be aware of where we stand with our Savior. Do we seek comfort in the Holy Spirit? We should mourn at our (on again, off again) relationship with God.  We are so lacking in our praising and studying and prayer life we need to understand that is why we should mourn. The Comforter will come and as we gain knowledge and insights of what was there in scripture all the time, but we couldn’t see it. “Blessed are they that mourn” for a better relationship with God.

And on another note, mourning is very painful. Nothing would be greater than to be “comforted”. How do we find that comfort? In the comforter; i.e. worship that includes the trinity Holy Spirit. We seek comfort in too many substitutes. God calls them, and ashamedly so, idols. Those things in life we put our faith and trust in for help when God is waiting for us to seek HIM. In the Old Testament, this is precisely the problem Israel and Judah had. They put their confidence in the wrong things.

Rev. Gina Tuch

The Beatitudes Part 1- Pastor’s Note

Pastor Mike began a series of sermons on the Beatitudes Sunday. One interesting thing he said is the word “beatitude” is not mentioned in the Bible. One could wonder (like me) googlewhere the word came from. I looked it up on Google (I used to ask my mother everything, now it’s… guessed it….Google.). It is from the Latin “beatus” which translates blessed.

I learned about the Beatitudes, Ten Commandments, Books of the Bible and all the glorious parables and the ministry of Jesus in my continual attendance in Sunday school; what used to be called “Vacation BIBLE School” and is now called simply Five Day Club.

Back to the sermon….Blessed are the poor in Spirit.  What is meant by “poor in spirit?”  This has nothing to do with being poor in money or material possessions.  We have to look beyond the words and instead of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do), rather WWHS (What Was He Saying).  We are all poor in all things relating to God. We are needy, sinful, unworthy and pitiful in our efforts to praise God, read His Word, and have real communication with our Heavenly Father.


step up


Once we realize how “poor” we are, only then can we step up and move into the light of Christ’s love.  This relationship is offered to each of us to save us from eternal damnation.  It is freely given by God’s grace.  It is there for the taking, if we just confess our sins, ask God’s forgiveness, and take his Holy Word as our new way of life! It is not another religion but a new way of life.


Oh thank you Lord for all the gifts you have given we who are “poor”. Only you can make us rich in your love. For Jesus sake, Amen.

Pastor Gina Tuch


Teaching Moments – July 28, 2017

Last Sunday, July 23, 2017, we were again treated to the voices, enthusiasm and happy faces of the Patriot Singers. It is always a joy to have this special group in our worship service! They sing from deep within their heart and hesitate not to “let it go” in song and sound.

Our new Calearning momentsdillac Community Church and Cadillac Community Bible School are humming right along with Dr. Jim Stark sharing a “teaching moment” each Sunday during the worship service. From my point of view they are a “learning moment”.  He asked if we ever wondered what some of the people in the Bible looked like(?)….then proceeded to tell us that Elisha was bald.(II Kings 2:23-24)  It is written that a group of youths were mocking him and he turned around and pronounced a curse on them in the name of the Lord.  Two bears came out of the woods and mauled 42 of the youths.  How about that!  What a wonderful, fascinating and completely factual Book of Life God’s Holy Word is!

Added insight: For the “want to learn mind,” this moment in Elisha’s life was right after he had received Elijah’s literal cloak as prophet and God’s servant to Israel. There are bible is aliveseveral oddities in this passage, other than the bald comments and harassment mockery by the youths per Elisha on his return trip from watching Elijah “swept up” by a fiery chariot. Elijah had swiped his cloak on the River Jordan to cross over it while walking with Elisha. The Jordan parted and they walked across on dry land. When Elisha turned back to the Jordan River, he shouted out, “Where is the LORD, the God of Elijah?” Then he struck the waters of the river just as did Elijah a few minutes earlier. The waters parted again and 50 prophets on the other side of the river witnessed this.

This confirmed Elisha as the true prophet of God. [2 Kings 2:15] The 50 prophets then declared, “The spirit of Elijah is now upon Elisha.”

Pastor Gina Tuch


Step Out in Faith – Pastor’s Note

1 Corinthians 16:13 tells us “Be on your guard; stand firm in faith; be courageous; be strong”.    We as Christians are facing a world that is changing rapidly; not only a cultural revolution, but a transforming and confusing evolution. Many of these changes are not good. In other parts of the world Christians are being persecuted and killed.  Here in the United States we find we are not united, don’t feel free in many ways and see drastic changes all around us, even here in small-town Cadillac, Michigan.

taking a big step



Our church has stepped out in faith by choosing to become a Community Church AND Bible School; i.e. Cadillac Community Church (formerly the Covenant Church of Cadillac). This is courageous. It is easier to not make changes and remain complacent. However we serve an awesome God. He tells us in Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Our junior college level learning Bible School has been such a well-received blessing!  When we read God’s Word (all English translations)….if you are like me and don’t know Hebrew or Greek… we can’t imagine what we are missing!  It’s amazing what we think a word means in English is sometimes far from what it means in Hebrew or Greek. The Reverend James Stark is the founder of the Cadillac Community Bible School. This has been a dream of his to offer a place where we can truly learn what scriptures are telling us.  He DOES study Hebrew and Greek. He shares his knowledge of God’s Holy Word through years and continual bible study, advanced education acquiring his Doctorate in Theology and daily (and nightly) study for hours on end.

I relate this because I am so thrilled and blessed to be in a church that hosts the Cadillac Community Bible School…..Dr. Stark’s School, where we can ‘study to show ourselves approved ….‘.(2 Timothy 2:15).   Knowing what the true message is when we read the Bible is so liberating. The pieces fit together and the love and majesty of God flows through our mind and heart.


For More Information on our Bible School Please contact the church.


Fortunately, those who don’t live in Cadillac, Dr. Stark has a web site:  Please visit, learn, and realize so many amazing facts about God’s Word. Secular history is Biblical History..  see for yourself. God Bless!


Pastor Gina Tuch

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