Our Pastor

Cadillac Covenant Church and it’s board welcome Rev. Michael (Mike) Tuch Sr. as our Senior Pastor and his wife Virginia (Gina) Tuch.


Pastor Mike teaches bible based thinking without compromise for the sake of political correctness. He asks one simple question: can someone support his or her opinion in the bible? If one cannot find it in the bible, it is an opinion. Opinions stimulate great conversation but eternity is one of two choices, not one’s opinion. It is God’s declaration. Avoidance is the same as rejecting but it does not void eternal destinies.


Board Members:

Dave Dekker                      884-6570

Gary Behl                           775-6368

Arlene Flint                        755-6025

Kay & Tony Belkowiski      468-2448

Linda Dennis                     775-7592

Carolyn Fewless                775-4588






3 thoughts on “Our Pastor

  1. We have two men who have become a part of our church and bringing a new understanding of God’s word . Thank you Pastor Mike and Doc Stark ,what a blessing you both are !

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