Out of Egypt – Part 2

Pastor’s Notes

(Mark 1:10-12) Last week’s message

fakeFake News is somewhat similar to unfounded rumors. People buy into it because it best fits his or her preconceived ideas and ideals. Very similar to End Time, we are currently in a stage of life on earth where it is now fake this and fake that. It is a sign or doorstep to End Time.

The Bible tells us of a fake god called the anti-Christ. He will demand allegiance but will come as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Two weeks ago we introduced Coming Out of Egypt. Egypt can be paralleled or compared to the world. We are not to be a devoted to worldly things but as Romans 12:2 tells us… we are not to be conformed to it but renewed by our study of scripture; the renewing of our mind (DAILY).

The church is not this building, some foundation, or organization calling itself The Church. That group-ness is Old Testament mentality. The New Testament is a one-on-one relationship with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus. Jesus told us that if HE was rejected of men (not all but many) then so will our love for Jesus be rejected by men.

Our passage from Mark 1:12 tells us that “straight way after (Jesus) coming out of the water (of baptism), the Holy Spirit drove him into the wilderness” to be tempted of Satan. Similarly, once we accept Jesus as our way of life (not a religious life or routine) we will immediately become a target of Satan. Temptations and the interactions with others with whom we have at work, home, on the street or wherever, Satan will do his best to tempt or persecute us using them as his tool of persecution. Forgive them, they know not.

It isn’t the lures of this world, even though dangled in front of us, that give eternal life and happiness in a new world (heaven) we can’t even imagine. You will get a return =/> your investment in Christ.

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