A Christmas Question (perhaps three)

Businessman signing documents

Pastor’s Message Notes from December 10, 2017

Isaiah 9:6 & 7

“The government shall be upon his shoulders.” This is often overlooked in reading this passage from Isaiah. We know of the birth of Jesus but do we actually understand his birth was via God himself through Mary? Does that somehow sound illegal or below God to do? Do we catch that the government upon his shoulders is an End Time statement? Jesus will be on the throne in JERUSALEM. The capital of Israel had to be returned to Jerusalem as fulfillment of End Time prophecy and the Second Advent of Christ [his return]. This was fulfilled when the President of the United States ordered our embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Did we even recognize this as a partial fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy? If not, why not? The bible is real, not a story book!

Angels celebrated the birth of Jesus not for his birth but for why it had to happen. Last week we learned that without the birth there would have been no cross. Job 38:7 calls angels “the morning stars.” Genesis 2:1 calls them a “host.” Luke 2:13 says “there was with the angel a heavenly host” [of angels]. Ephesians 3:10 identifies them as “heavenly places.” Revelation 2:8 identifies them angels as minister or messenger. They are most like the star that guided the Three Wise Men from Persian to Jesus.

Is It so?  History proves itself as part of scripture, not a different or separate history.

If it is so, what then” The world will always question the authority of God and even his existence. Get our church-act and personal lives inline. Be united with God, not divided as in denominationalism.

If not so, what then? Then why ever pray; to whom? If not what is the purpose of life? If there is no judgement then what is the purpose of law? Simply put, man is naturally sinful. We need God to give us a standard of right and wrong. We might conclude this third point by asking; If NOT SO, then man would be soulless and destined for only a grave and marker. But then, from where did life itself originate? Genetic markers cannot create new genetic markers. They can only replicate, not add a different marker.

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