Blessed are the Merciful

Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy Matthew 5:7.
So many people in the world today need mercy.  Even without the ravages of weather and rumors of war, sickness, addiction, emotional and mental illness, we still must fight Satan every minute of every day!

Our Lord and Savior was merciful to all.  He was not treated with mercy by the world.  He loved us in spite of our sinful nature.  His love is what we need to Live.  His love is the blood flowing through our veins.  Compassion, gentleness, caring, concern, thy name is Jesus.

I believe we all need to pray for this world right now.  We may think we know all that is going on, but we certainly do not!  We are on thin ice in this life.  Be ready to meet the most merciful God.

Rev Gina Tuch
Cadillac Community Church
and Bible School


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