Seek Truth – Pastor’s Note

Pastor Mike spoke from Matthew 5:6 last week. It is the fourth beatitude, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.qqqaqqa

Experience versus relationship; hic-ups in the gospel; the door that only swings from the inside hinge and door knob. This and more he brought into perspective regarding the fourth beatitude from Matthew 5. Keep in mind that Matthew was originally written in Hebrew; i.e. Hebrew people; a people who constantly seek but seem to not ever find fulfillment.



This beatitude references people who are actively seeking the truth. S/he has no desire to expend time counter-attacking others who come from an attitude or opinion. These people have no time or desire to waste on verbal rhetoric debating opinions or perspectives. The world to them is incidental. It is where s/he is at this moment but they seek the after-life and can only quench thirst or hunger with something other than a temporary filling of desire, but seek to fulfill their desire with completeness.

Gill’s commentary puts it: ”Those who actively seek spiritual enlightenment.” Jesus puts it in another light; a well of living waters that satisfy for eternity, never to thirst (hunger) again. Pastor likened this to a door with inside hinges and inside doorknob. These people types will open their hearts to truth; not banter. Hunger in the Greek is peinaō; to be famished or better said, to be head-filled but not heart-fulfilled (Wycliffe). “for ye shall be filled” (chortazō) meaning they will be filled with more than needed to be totally satisfied; the seemingly impossible is made possible.

Other good references to this beatitude can be found in Luke 1:53; 1 Corinthians 4:11; Revelation 7:16.

Next week when pastor returns: Blessed are those who weep today, for they shall laugh (then).

Dr. JStark

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