The Beatitudes Part 1- Pastor’s Note

Pastor Mike began a series of sermons on the Beatitudes Sunday. One interesting thing he said is the word “beatitude” is not mentioned in the Bible. One could wonder (like me) googlewhere the word came from. I looked it up on Google (I used to ask my mother everything, now it’s… guessed it….Google.). It is from the Latin “beatus” which translates blessed.

I learned about the Beatitudes, Ten Commandments, Books of the Bible and all the glorious parables and the ministry of Jesus in my continual attendance in Sunday school; what used to be called “Vacation BIBLE School” and is now called simply Five Day Club.

Back to the sermon….Blessed are the poor in Spirit.  What is meant by “poor in spirit?”  This has nothing to do with being poor in money or material possessions.  We have to look beyond the words and instead of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do), rather WWHS (What Was He Saying).  We are all poor in all things relating to God. We are needy, sinful, unworthy and pitiful in our efforts to praise God, read His Word, and have real communication with our Heavenly Father.


step up


Once we realize how “poor” we are, only then can we step up and move into the light of Christ’s love.  This relationship is offered to each of us to save us from eternal damnation.  It is freely given by God’s grace.  It is there for the taking, if we just confess our sins, ask God’s forgiveness, and take his Holy Word as our new way of life! It is not another religion but a new way of life.


Oh thank you Lord for all the gifts you have given we who are “poor”. Only you can make us rich in your love. For Jesus sake, Amen.

Pastor Gina Tuch


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