Pastor’s Note – Inspire/Commitment

Sunday’s message was shared by The Reverend Dr. James Stark and The Reverend Pastor Mike Tuch. I would say Dr. Stark is a serious, professional minister with the kind of humor that you have to look at him before you laugh to make sure he is kidding.  Pastor Mike is just plain funny and loud.

Inspirational Products and ServicesDr. Stark took the pulpit Sunday with an announcement that he would be doing a pulpit commercial for Inspirational Products and Services.  He started with a big grin, showing clenched teeth and holding up a small plastic bottle as is done in commercials.   He informed us that the bottle was the latest line of products produced by Inspirational Products and Services.Inspire….a product that we should use as it contained such wonderful spiritual-vitamin properties.  He proceeded to list some of the ingredients such as joy, serenity, love, kindness, humility, patience, determination, dedication and a host of other good things we need to be inspired by God and scripture.  (Taken from Galatians 5:22)

As he read the directions, he acted surprised that we should drink the whole bottle every day.  He admitted he only took a sip each Sunday; maybe that was why he wasn’t getting the full affect. It also should be taken along with a good meal of daily bread of life (found in the Lord’s Prayer).

His message was so clear and done in such a memorable way I was totally ‘inspired’.  With God we have a constant flow of the miracle of His love all the time.  We can choose any or all of the beautiful traits of being like Christ.  Fill up on “Inspire” at will along with a good meal of bread of life.

Pastor Mike stepped up for the “frosting on the cake” as he called it.  Commitment can cover so many things; service to our fellowman, our church, and our families.  Commitment can be spiritual gifts to the church and community…financial, acts of kindness and using or spiritual gift within the church body.  Commitment to God’s Word, to study (to show us approved – 2 Timothy 2:15), and to prayer with an open heart when communicating with our Lord.

hznd in hzndSee how the two go hand-in-hand?  Fill up daily on a bottle of Inspiration and go forward in our Christian growth with commitment.

Pastor Gina Tuch
July 3, 2017


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