Pastor’s Notes – June 20, 2017

father-and-son-June 18th was- as we all know- Father’s Day.   Pastor Mike preached on the most Holy Father God.  How amazing to have God call us His children!  Can we take that in?   It’s almost beyond understanding, but He truly loves us!  God is love, but he is also just. That does not mean we will not be chastised.   We will have consequences in this life. We will (hopefully) learn lessons and we will not succeed at some things we try. Because He is a parent, God will lead us in the path of righteousness.   Being human we will become impatient and sometimes not communicate with our Heavenly Father.   He is always there; we need to listen more carefully.

I was so fortunate to have wonderful Christian parents. My father was (to me) perfect. He was honest, honorable, kind and loving.  He adored my mother and never raised his voice to either of us.  He worked every day, didn’t drink alcoholic, never said a swear word and not only attended church every Sunday, but worked tirelessly in every official capacity in our church.   He said his prayers on his knees every night.

I have heard horror stories of fathers who are cruel or worse. Drunkenness, laziness, addiction, unfaithfulness…these are just some of the problems some families face. That is if the man even stays with the family at all!  This is a real problem, but our Father in Heaven has a plan for us. We know He will never leave us nor forsake us.  He wants us to succeed and prosper. “Thank you God for desiring a loving relationship with us.  We are not worthy to sit at your table Lord, but you invite us in and gather us up in your arms.”

Thank you for fathers. Most of all, thank you for God our Father.

Pastor Gina Tuch

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