Pastor’s Notes – May 11, 2017

This past Sunday Pastor Mike presented part two of his four-part “Atonement In the Blood” series.  A member of our congregation, Gary, read the scripture and when he finished he turned to Pastor and said “I’d like to say something”   Pastor Mike encouraged him to do so.

Gary said on May 7th some years earlier his wife, Merry, lay in the hospital having had a major stroke. The doctors said she would be a vegetable, suggesting life as she had known it was at an end. Gary being a believer was not ready to give up and spent many hours in prayer. Across the hall was a patient whose husband was a minister and joined Gary and the family in asking for the blood of Jesus to wash over Merry.

The next morning the doctors were amazed at the major improvement in Gary’s wife. The Spirit of God could be felt in that hospital room. The Blood of our Lord saved Merry and is there to save us all.

Pastor Mike tied Gary’s testimony into his message with this memory. When he was pastoring in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, there were two brothers who worked for the highway department. On this certain day one brother woke up ill and couldn’t go in to work. His brother volunteered to work in his place.  That day a part of the mountain tumbled down on the highway and seven men – including the other brother – lost their life.

We never know when our time will come. The longer I live the more of my family and friends pass on, most of them suddenly. Thank you Heavenly Father for the cleansing Blood of your Son Jesus.  May it wash away my sins and make me “white as snow”.

Pastor Gina Tuch

May 11, 2017

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